Emergency Services for Bandera

Be safe, and be prepared!


At Backroads Reservations, we do all we can to assure the satisfaction and safety of our guests; at the same time, we realize unforeseen events can take place. With that in mind, we present this list of non-emergency numbers for the various emergency service agencies in the Bandera area. However, if you have a pressing and immediate emergency situation, please call 911, preferably from a land line phone, if one is available, and be prepared to give the nature of the situation and your current address to the dispatcher. Bandera Police Department: (830) 796-3456 Bandera County Sheriff (830) 796-3771 Bandera Fire and Rescue (830) 796-3777 Bandera County Emergency Medical Services (830) 796-4282 Bandera County Emergency Operation Center (830) 460-8299