The robust and thriving Hill Country town of Seguin (pronounced seh-GEEN) is one of the larger towns in the region, with a current population of around 30,000. Settled in 1838, it stands as one of the oldest towns in the Lone Star State, which certainly bolsters its claim of being “Real Texas.” Seguin takes great pride in its history, heritage, and strong role in the building of the great state.

Colonel Juan N. Seguin was a Tejano warrior who fought alongside white settlers against Santa Anna for the cause of Texas Independence, and the settlement along the Guadalupe River was proudly named after him. Like many surrounding communities, Seguin was built on cotton, ranching, and the cultivation of pecans—the Texas state tree. In the latter half of the 19th century, the development of “limecrete” in Seguin as a building material broke the ground for the popularity of its successor, concrete, as an inexpensive and durable construction medium. Diverse industries such as steel, electronics, and construction materials have helped Seguin to grow into the community it is today.

From our home here in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, Backroads Reservations is proud to present not only this brief history of Seguin, but also the following listing of the myriad attractions, events, and other highlights of this amazing town.

You'd think, in one of the oldest established towns in Texas, there would be many historical highlights and museum experiences in Seguin—and you'd be right! Below is a listing of the museums and historical education centers in town:

From fossils and early Native American artifacts to the Wild West and beyond, the Seguin Heritage Museum highlights the entire history of the town and Guadalupe County, including military uniforms throughout the region's history and the area's strong German heritage, as well.

One of Seguin's claims to fame was its trailblazing role in concrete building construction, which is illustriously on display at the Sebastapol House. Built in 1856, not only is the house itself a slice of local history, but it contains numerous exhibits that reflect pre-Civil War life in the area. Tours are available, of course, and the venue is also available for special events and gatherings.

The Texas Agricultural Education and Heritage Center—better known locally as the Big Red Barn—is located on a working farm that has been operating since the 1850s. As its name indicates, its mission is centered on educating the public on the Lone Star State's agricultural history and heritage. The Big Red Barn is also available for weddings, reunions, and corporate events.

The SS American Memorial is a living monument to America's military members. Not only does it chronicle the history of our country's troops, but it also serves as a peaceful place for soldiers to return to civilian life. Their Freedom Friday program—held each Friday from 7 to 11 PM—features live entertainment and a selection of beers and wines. It's open to the public, and serves to benefit the well-being and support of our armed forces.

Central Texas is known around the country for its pecans, and Seguin even has the World's Largest Pecan sculpture in front of its city hall downtown. The Pape Pecan House knows their pecans, of course—and they also feature a nutcracker museum, with over 8,000 nutcrackers and 5,000 nut bowls on site.

The town of Seguin hosts several special events throughout the year, including the Toast to Texas (celebrating Texan Independence); a Fourth of July Celebration; Pecan Fest and Heritage Days in October; and a Holiday Stroll, held just after Thanksgiving. For up-to-date information on Seguin events that coincide with your visit, we strongly recommend referring to the town's online Event Calendar.

One of the highlights of a visit to Seguin—especially for families who have energetic members interested in the outdoors—is a stop at Max Starcke Park. Perched on the banks of the Guadalupe River, the park features water activities such as tubing, swimming, jet skiing, canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. For those who prefer to stay dry, there's a golf course, hiking trails, and a Kids Kingdom play area.

ZDT's Amusement Park was designed, and is operated, with families in mind—in fact, it takes its name from the first initials of the owner's children. With roller coasters, GoKarts, rock walls, water attractions, a video game arcade, and more, there's plenty going on for a fun-filled day! Don't forget to take a ride on the Switchback, ZDT's big and beautiful wooden-frame roller coaster.

Local brews are available for you to wet your whistle in Seguin, too! The Blue Lotus Winery and Texas Mead Works share facilities and a tasting room, serving up craft-brewed wines and traditional meads with several unique flavor combinations. The Seguin Brewing Company features unique brews (including, yes, a pecan-based honey ale), and and in-house pizzeria with appetizers and pizzas designed to accompany your favorite pint. BS Brewing is off the beaten path (their motto being “If you think you're lost, you're almost here”), and their patio tap room is a calm and quiet place to savor one of their home brews.

Since it's one of the larger towns in the Texas Hill Country, Seguin has an enormous selection of nightlife and dining to offer its visitors. With our space limitations, we don't want to run the risk of leaving out any of the great spots here; there really are fantastic options for every palate, and for all sorts of socializing. With that spirit of inclusion, we're happy to provide the following links for the most popular eateries and night spots in Seguin from Yelp and Trip Advisor. These listings are based upon visitor reviews and feedback, and are updated frequently.

Restaurants (Trip Advisor)
Restaurants (Yelp)
Bars and Nightlife (Trip Advisor)
Bars and Nightlife (Yelp)

Framed in the natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country, Seguin offers a rich tapestry of history, shopping, outdoor activities, food, and nightlife to satisfy all its guests! For unique and picturesque lodging options in Seguin—or anywhere in the Hill Country, for that matter—Backroads Reservations can set you up with an amazing experience in one of our local vacation rentals!

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